Akdong Musician to Return to Mongolia

A representative of “K-Pop Star Season 2” announced April 12 that the winning group, Akdong Musician, will be returning to Mongolia where their family lives to rest for the time being.

The father of the sibling duo stated, “We are planning to return around April 20. The kids needs to rest after their exhausting schedule.” He added, “Other than returning briefly in May to film a commercial, we will be taking a break together as a family.”

Akdong Musician will be making a decision on which agency to join while they rest up. This brother and sister duo garnered a lot of attention for performing self-composed songs for the “K-Pop Star” competition and showing a lot of musical potential despite their young age. The group recently revealed they had 54 self-composed songs. The sister, Lee Soo Hyun, is only 14 years old while the brother, Lee Chan Hyuk, is 17 years old.

As Akdong Musician will be returning home, they will not be performing at the special “K-Pop Star Dream Stage” episode featuring collaboration performances between season 1 and season 2 contestants. It has already been announced that Lee Hi and 2000 Won will be performing “Love the Way You Lie” that was originally sung by Eminem and Rihanna.