[SNS Pic] Baby Krystal is Not Pleased with Sister Jessica’s Affection

We reported a couple of days ago that Krystal of f(x) opened up a Instagram account to the delight of many fans, as well as fellow member Amber.

Since uploading her first picture on April 8, Krystal has mostly uploaded pictures of herself and f(x) members but on April 12, she uploaded a different picture. This time it was a photo of her and her sister, Girls’ Generation’s Jessica. Collectively known as the Jung Sisters after their last name “Jung,” this family has received a lot of attention and jealously for having good-looking genes.

The childhood photo shows Jessica, the older sister, back-hugging Krystal. She might actually be trying to piggy-back on Krystal, as baby Krystal does not look exactly pleased in the photo. Krystal included the caption, “late national siblings day- love u jess <3,” displaying her affection for her older sister.