2AM Jinwoon’s Mother Favors Nicole Over Go Joon Hee?

2AM Jinwoon’s mother recently brought up KARA‘s Nicole‘s cooking skills and did not hold back any praise. On April 13, Go Joon Hee went to visit her in-laws for the first time on the latest episode of MBC’s “We Got Married” season 4. Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee went together while preparing to pack up their belongings. 

When Go Joon Hee asked Jinwoon’s mother and grandmother, “Has Jinwoon ever brought home any of his girlfriends?” Jinwoon’s grandmother replied, “Nicole has visited us before.” Jinwoon laughed in response assured Go Joon Hee that Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun had accompanied her on that visit as well.

Jinwoon’s mother went on to talk about Nicole saying, “Nicole’s cooking skills are terrific. On Jinwoon’s birthday, she brought two homemade cakes with her.” However Jinwoon’s grandmother was quick to try and save the awkward conversation by saying, “But Nicole is way too short. I personally prefer someone who is much taller.”

Go Joon Hee also had the chance to look through photos of girls Jinwoon had dated while in high school and admitted, “After I saw the photos, my mood did change somewhat.” 

Netizens who caught the episode commented, “Go Joon Hee must have felt somewhat upset that Nicole and Seohyun and visited his family before her,” “Aww, Go Joon Hee is cute when she’s jealous” and “Wow, I’m kind of surprised that Seohyun and Nicole paid a visit to Jinwoon’s house.”