Teen Top’s Niel Ranks His Looks and Confesses He Would Like to Act

On the upcoming April 17 episode of MBC Everyone’s “Weekly Idol,” Teen Top member Niel truthfully revealed where he thought he ranked among the members in terms of looks.

Niel, who has normally been humble about his looks saying, “I am last place among the members,” showed a different attitude during the recording of this episode, bringing laughter to the set. When pushed by the host Jung Hyung Don to name the member Niel could catch up to in terms of looks if he worked harder, Niel replied, “Ricky.”

Niel explained, “Truthfully all the other members are good-looking. But Ricky is mostly just cute.”

In addition, Niel also confessed that he would like to act as a solo activity. Niel already has experience acting as a child actor before he debuted as a singer. He was also in the 2012 KBS Drama Special, “Do You Know Taekwondo?” C.A.P also confessed his desire to act while Chunji expressed that he would like to release a solo album. L.Joe added that he would like to compose songs and the youngest members, Ricky and Changjo, stated that for now, they are more focused on group activities rather than solo ones.