4Men Says “Thank You” With New Single

What a way to say “Thank you”!

4Men’s new single, titled “Thank You,” is a sweet long song with a live-band sound and an R&B melody. The lyrics deliver a message of gratitude to a lover for being together and being able to love on another. This song was composed for 4Men by fellow label-mate Mi, who sang “Here I Am” with 4Men member Shin Yong Jae for the “Secret Garden” OST.

4Men will be holding their country-wide tour, “2013 4Men Concert ‘I’ll Let You Listen’,” starting May 17.

The music video shows a couple on a date at the zoo and while the girlfriend is excited and energetic, the boyfriend looks tired and disinterested. They end up fighting and leaving the zoo separately but when the girlfriend arrives home, she sees her boyfriend at the door with a large bouquet of balloons. It seems the whole day was in preparation for this surprise event.

Hmm…Soompiers, wouldn’t it be better if the boyfriend just treated her nicely throughout the whole day? What do you think?