Lee Seung Gi Injured while Filming “Gu Family Book”

It’s been belatedly reported that singer-actor Lee Seung Gi was injured while filming for the MBC drama “Gu Family Book.” His skin was ripped off the back of his hands while filming an action scene for episode four. It was a scene in which he and Suzy are attacked by a hoard of assassins in the middle of the night.

A representative of the drama said, “Lee Seung Gi continued filming despite the injury because he didn’t want everyone to wait because of him.” He added, “Even though he also received bruises all over his body and had unhealed injuries, he did not spare himself in filming the action scenes.”

Lee Seung Gi is currently playing the lead role of the half-human, half-beast Ckoi Kang Chi, whose combination of a hot-temper and kind heart often gets him into trouble. This leads to a lot of action scenes in the drama that reportedly, Lee Seung Gi is pulling off with gusto and hard-work.

“Gu Family Book” is currently airing on MBC every Monday and Tuesday night.