Are the Leaders of CNBlue, AOA, and FT Island Forming a Unit Group?

When FNC Entertainment, the agency that houses idol band groups CNBlue, AOA, and FT Island, uploaded a photo of Jung Yong Hwa, Jimin, and Choi Jong Hun together on their website, the question immediately was “Are the leaders forming a unit group?”

It’s been revealed by the company that no, they are not forming a unit group for the purpose of any activities. The company just brought the leaders together for a photo shoot and named them “FNC Leaders,” as they are the official representatives of their respective groups.

In the photos, Choi Jong Hun, Jung Yong Hwa, and Jimin are each dressed in military-style outfits, giving off a powerful aura. In their individual photos, each person shows off their best charm, with Choi Jong Hun looking charismatically chic, Jung Yong Hwa sophisticated yet casual, and Jimin showing off her attractive and sexy side profile.

Fans will be able to see more from the special photo shoot in FNC Entertainment’s magazine, “the FNC.”