Taemin Thinks He Can Be Na Eun’s First Love in “We Got Married” Preview

Many fans were curious to see what the Taemin and Na Eun couple will look like together when news first broke that the two young K-Pop idols will be joining the real-variety show, “We Got Married.

In response, MBC released a preview of the upcoming episode featuring the new couple and it shows Taemin and Na Eun at Jeju Island in a house made famous by the first love movie, “Introduction to Architecture.” The location seems to be a perfect fit for the two young idols, as the preview shows Taemin talking about the possibility that he can become Na Eun’s first love.

Viewers can also see how Taemin and Na Eun first met, with Taemin approaching Na Eun from behind, as she sits expectantly with her long hair gently fluttering in the wind. In the preview, viewers can hear Taemin say, “She looked so pretty with her long, straight hair blowing in the wind.”

Viewers can also see the couple enjoying the evening ocean breeze as Taemin and Na Eun frolic in the ocean and sit close together on the sand with warm drinks at hand, giving off a romantic atmosphere.

Taemin and Na Eun’s first appearance on “We Got Married” airs this Saturday, April 27. Soompiers, are you looking forward to it?