Jeon Ji Hyun is the New Face of “Daebak” Makgeolli

Jeon Ji Hyun is the new face of new makgeolli (Korean rice wine) brand!

On April 22, the Korean brewery Kooksoondang revealed, “We will re-enter into the makgeolli market hand-in-hand with Jeon Ji Hyun. Filming for the CF is finished and we have planned to air it starting from April 23.”

This will be Jeon Ji Hyun’s first makgeolli CF since her debut 16 years ago. After signing with Kooksoondang in March, Jeon Ji Hyun had started filming for the CF, which is now finished.

Kooksoondang sources commented, “Through Jeon Ji Hyun, who is one of the best models in the industry, we tried to express the exceptional taste of this new makgeolli,” and “This new makgeolli called ‘Daebak‘ will hopefully experience a new peak of popularity, just as Jeon Ji Hyun is currently enjoying her second golden era as well.”

It is said that Jeon Ji Hyun showed great affection for the makgeolli on set. With various poses and her charming facial expressions, Jeon Ji Hyun was said to make everyone on set wishing they could have a swig of cool and refreshing makgeolli!

Jeon Ji Hyun received a lot of love for her past two films, “Berlin” and “The Thieves.” Check out the 25 second CF below!