Kang Dong Won Signs with Song Hye Gyo’s Agency

Actor Kang Dong Won has recently joined Song Hye Gyo‘s agency.

On April 22, United Artist Agency (UAA) has announced that they recently signed Kang Dong Won.

UAA is a joint agency with the film distribution company, United Pictures, and the legal firm, The FIRM.

UAA also signed a joint business agreement with Terence Chang‘s ATN, which is headquartered in Beijing, China, and EFFIGIES, which is headquartered in Paris, France. Not only is the UAA active within Korea but their overseas activities are strong as well.

Sources from UAA commented, “We think that Kang Dong Won will bring about a great synergy effect with UAA as it offers innovative joint services.”

Meanwhile, Kang Dong Won is preparing for the upcoming film, “Band of Thieves,” which is directed by Yoon Jong Bin. Ha Jung Woo is also part of the cast of this film.