Boom’s First Love is Now a Celebrity

On the April 23 episode of MBC Music’s “All the K-Pop,” entertainer Boom, singer Bada and MBLAQ’s Seung Ho visited their alma mater for an Anyang High School of Art special. Anyang High School of Art is a prestigious high school famous for the large number of celebrities that have graduated from the school, including the previously mentioned artists and singer Rain, Kim Jong Gook, and Se7en.

As Boom walked through the school building revisiting memories from his high school years, he stopped at one particular place, saying, “When I passed here on my way home after school ended, I would see the first years cleaning here.” He added, “There was one female student who would greet me but wouldn’t be able to look at me.” Boom revealed that the student later became his girlfriend.

When prodded by Bada to reveal the name of his first love, who was also the recipient of Boom’s first kiss,  Boom resisted, saying, “I can’t. She is an actor now.”