2PM’s Junho Responds to Tokyo Dome Photoshop Controversy

On April 24, 2PM member Junho took to his personal Twitter account to express his feelings regarding the recent 2PM Tokyo Dome Photo controversy. He wrote, “I am frustrated that the dream stage that everyone came together to work hard on became false because of a picture that even I find absurd.”

He continued, “While it is certain that someone made a mistake and that it was made on our part, I am leaving this message with a heavy heart because it seems that all the hearts of the hard-working staff and our fans who filled and lit up the large area during the two days were stepped on in a single moment.”

2PM held their “Legend of 2PM” concert at the famed Tokyo Dome for two days on April 20 and 21. The group’s agency, JYP Entertainment, distributed press releases regarding this event to the media which included a photo that was later on discovered to be photoshopped, making it seem like it was done to fill in empty spaces in the concert area.

JYP Entertainment released an apology, explaining that the error occurred while correcting the coloring of the photo and the company did not double-check the photos before distributing them. They added, however, it is true that 110,000 fans attended the concert as originally reported.