[Gallery] 2NE1’s Sandara Latest Photo Spam on Twitter

2NE1’s Sandara is well known for her love of social networking sites and sharing random pictures. In the last four days, she took so many that I thought it would be great to collect them into a gallery!

Flip through to have a little peak into the life of Dara- from one of Korea’s popular girl groups!

 “Ah, the smell of home.”

 2NE1 is currently having a blast in Busan~ Busan is the bomb~ Right now they’re popping the balloons! Great poses~ They’re not kidding with their poses!!!^^

 “Took this photo from CL’s phone ^_^v In front of Haeundae”

“What’s up, Busan!!!!!!! Come to Kwangahn-ri Beach right now~!!! Excited!!! Yoohoo~!!!


 “In front of the light house… Reminds me of ‘I Love You’ music video. Photo by CL.”

 “Where I frequently came as a child during vacation trips… (Show off Dara) keke. photo by minzy”


 “With Chaerin~ At Songjeong Beach ^_^”

 In English, “Posin’ in my Limited Edition visor from Rick Owens Seoul. Thank you and Happy 3rd anniversary!!! : )”

 “Our chic baby Thunder received nuna’s packed lunch and took a selca himself!!!!!!! >.< Jackpot~ Jackpot!!! ^.^ Woowoowoowoowoo~”

 “This hairstyle took 6 hours.”

 “The youngest stylist said, ‘Unni, you look like a fisherman from the fish market ^^‘ Do you know fashion? ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

 “Do you hear the sea?”

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