Shin Se Kyung And Song Seung Hun Enjoy Arts And Crafts Together

Song Seung Hun and Shin Se Kyung recently went on an arts and crafts date for the latest episode of MBC drama “When A Man Loves.” 

Shin Se Kyung plays the role of Seo Mido and Song Seung Hun plays the role of Han Tae Sang in this melodrama. The stills from their date to a cafe where they painted tiny dolls drew a great response online once the drama production staff posted them online. 

By the looks of the stills, Mido appears to have accepted Tae Sang’s feelings by wearing the ring he gave her on her necklace. The stills reveal the couple on their second date at a cafe, focusing intently on painting their dolls. The heartwarming scene also shows Tae Sang experiencing the flutters of falling in love for the first time and Mido making an effort to open her heart to Tae Sang. 

Representatives from the drama staff released a statement about this week’s episodes stating, “This weeks episodes from ‘When A Man Loves’ will feature Mido and Tae Sang going on their special date and reveal the climax of the melodrama. Also, this week viewers will learn of the special adorable term of endearment Mido uses to address Tae Sang. This week’s episodes will certainly catch our viewers by surprise.”