[SNS PIC] Minzy Captivates Many With Her Alluring Cat Eyes

2NE1 member Minzy recently captured a charismatic and seductive look in her latest selca.

On April 23, she tweeted the photo along with the brief caption, “Cat eyes! Meow~” 

In the photo, Minzy gives the camera her best angle that displays her smokey eye make-up and cat eyes drawn with eye liner. Going along with the theme of powerful felines, Minzy is also rocking a zip-up hoodie made of colored fabrics patterned in the cheetah print. With her edgy bob, Minzy looks much older than your average 19-year-old.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Minzy, you get prettier everyday!”, “Wow, you’ve really lost a lot of weight”, “Wow, look at how her features have become more prominent” and “Is the youngest member allowed to be this sexy?”