Im Soo Jung Supports Struggling Artists With Gucci

Not only does actress Im Soo Jung have good looks, but she also has a good heart. For the May issue of “Marie Claire,” the magazine covered Im Soo Jung’s participation in the “artist sponsorship” project supported by fashion brand Gucci. The project sponsors struggling and unknown artists in various fields, such as dancers, musicians, designers, etc., with their studies and start-ups projects. She has been part of the project for two years now and for this issue, she is photographed alongside modern dance performer Choi Moon Suk.

Im Soo Jung commented in the accompanying interview, “Every time I meet a new artist, it feels like I have been invited into their world. It helps reignite my passion for acting.” She also revealed her own aspiration to become a writer with the words, “I want to be able to write in my own studio own day.”