Girl’s Day Minah: “Men Like My Eye-Smile”

What is Girl’s Day Minah’s secret to stealing the hearts of men? It looks as though it is her signature “eye-smile.” (The moon shape her eyes make when she smiles) Girl’s Day as a group appeared on “Seo In Young’s Star Beauty Show Season 2.”

On the show, Girl’s Day picked the member who is the most different after putting on makeup. They picked Minah. On the show, they showed what Minah looks like when she does not have any makeup on. At this Minah stated, “Although I look different after makeup because I don’t have a double eye-lid, men like my eye-smile.”

Minah was also chosen as the member that has the most male friends. On the show, Minah also revealed secrets on how to catch the attention of men. The Girl’s Day appearance will broadcast on April 30.