[Gallery] Happy Birthday, Daesung! YG Family Celebrates Daesung’s 23rd Birthday!

Some K-Pop fans throughout the world are celebrating the birthday of one of their favorite idols- Big Bang’s Daesung! He made his debut when he was 17 years old and now he’s already 23! As such, we at Soompi want to celebrate by sharing twenty-three pictures of the smiling angel.

But first, his YG Family also gave a birthday shout-out to celebrate the special occasion.

2ne1’s Sandara Park: Daesungie, happy birthday~~~ ^.^ #HappyDSday

Big Bang’s G-Dragon: My Daesungie, happy birthday #HappyDSday

Big Bang’s Taeyang: Daesung-ah, happy birthday.. whatever people say, you’re…ha.. 

Baby Daesungie

Practicing Tae Kwon Do

Taking a break from swimming

Why so shocked?

Hanging out with his friends. Can you spot Daesung?

Is T.O.P putting on makeup? Daesung just wants to close his ears

Showing off his lucky charm. But for us, he’s the lucky charm

Giving us a shy smile

“What you lookin’ at?”

Singing his heart out

Practicing for his musical “Cats

Daesung and Lee Hyori were nicknamed “national siblings” for their interaction in “Family Outing”

From his trot solo “Look at Me, Gwisoon”

He looks so happy ^^

Someone’s been working out!

But he’s still a cutie ^^

From his solo track “Cotton Candy”

Why hide your face?

After a long break from the industry, he makes his much-anticipated comeback!

Daesung loves you baby, but he’s not a monster

Looking cool (both literally and figuratively)

With wings like an angel

Once again, Daesung- happy birthday!!