[SNS PIC] BEAST’s Lee Gikwang Makes Silly Faces for the Camera

Beast member Lee Ki Kwang recently gave fans an adorable status update with a set of 6 humorous shots of himself making various facial expressions for the camera. 

On April 24, Lee Ki Kwang posted on his twitter page, “6-speed transformation robot” along with the compiled photo of his six expressions. Fans were especially delighted to see a playful side of Lee Ki Kwang other than his usual charismatic and sexy character on stage. 

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Lee Ki Kwang’s set of six selcas is too cute!”, “Lee Ki Kwang seems like a playful person who knows how to have fun”, “Aw, Lee Ki Kwang makes a cute 6-speed transformation robot!”, and “Wow, I’m so into Lee Ki Kwang’s lips.”