Actor Kim Jae Wook Signs with Yoon Kye Sang’s Agency

Model and actor Kim Jae Wook signed an exclusive contract with A-List Entertainment. Currently, actors and actresses such as Yoon Kye Sang and Chae Jung Ahn work with A-List Entertainment.

Kim Jae Wook first made his debut as an actor on MBC’s “Ruler of Your Own World.” He continued to become better known and garnered much attention from female fans through his unique characters in the dramas “Coffee Prince,” “Bad Guy,” “Mary Stayed Out All Night” and the film “Antique.” 

Director Jeon Kyung Soo of A-List Entertainment commented, “Kim Jae Wook has been playing many different roles in different genres and this helped him grow as an actor. We plan on supporting Kim Jae Wook to continue to thrive.” 

Meanwhile, Kim Jae Wook will be discharged from his mandatory military service on May 4.