[Spotlight] Hyun Bin Receives a Marriage Proposal From Fan in Singapore

Last Friday evening, Hyun Bin met with the media and fans in Singapore for the press conference of his First Asia Fan Meeting Tour. Clad smartly in a gray-striped suit and sporting gelled hair, the renowned heartthrob appeared at Bugis+ shopping mall five minutes before his scheduled time, catching everyone by surprise!

Event host DJ Ah Ken from Radio 1003 was curious if Hyun Bin had expected such great success with “Secret Garden.” “No, I definitely did not expect it,” the actor replied. “Actually, this mall looks a little like the mall where I filmed Secret Garden.” On the similarities and difference of Kim Joo Won and his own personality, Hyun Bin assured the public, “I’m not that insensitive or selfish like the character in Secret Garden. In terms of relationships with people, I tend to care for the ones I love.”

Q: What is the most romantic thing that you have ever done for your loved ones?

HB: I don’t really do anything special, but if there’s a sign that the person wants something, I would remember that, and on a special occasion, I would probably present it. 

Q: Are there any particular characters that you look forward to playing?

HB: I think you will be seeing me soon. This character will probably involve me having two characters, something like being bipolar. It’s not fully confirmed yet, but currently I have narrowed it down to that particular film, so hopefully soon there will be news of confirmation.

Q: A psychological question: If you could choose a favorite color flower, which color will you choose? 

HB: Black.

Q: It means that you sometimes repress yourself a bit too much in your relationships to the extent that you may have a very high expectation of the person that you want to marry, and if you find that your mate does not meet that standard, you may not want to continue the relationship.

HB: Right. Not 100 percent but similar. If I feel repressed and I keep going on with the pressure and the person, I don’t think that would be the ideal relationship that I’m looking for. I would like something where I could relax and be myself.

Q: Are there any instances whereby the people (in the army) recognize you and request for pictures and autographs?

HB: When I joined the army, there was pressure from the top at the military base to not treat me in the manner as a celebrity, that we are all the same, as soldiers. I honestly thank all the officials who have allowed me to have a great experience. 

Q: Of all your dramas and movies, what has been your most difficult scene and how did you overcome it?

HB: There was this movie called “I’m Happy” which I was involved in in 2007 or 2008. In terms of understanding the character and it reflected a lot about myself, I took a lot of time thinking about the movie and the character. It was the most difficult one. 

Q: Your fashion in “Secret Garden” was always a topic of concern. In private, what do you usually wear? How is your fashion sense? Do you collect anything like shoes or caps?

HB: Of course it depends on the occasion. Usually on a daily basis I would like to go casual, so I dress casually on normal days. For cases like today when there is formal event, I’ll usually dress up. Even for some functions I need to attend, I usually dress up in suits. 

Q: This Asia Tour was started in appreciation of your fans’ waiting for you for two years, after making three stops in Taiwan, Thailand, and Hong Kong, how has this experience changed you in any way? Was it difficult for you to act cute onstage for your fans?

HB: I’m definitely more relaxed now than when I was nervous in the beginning. Thanks to that, I’m able to enjoy every minute of the time I spent with my fans. So in Singapore, I hope to enjoy myself and let my fans have a great time as well. I do get those requests a lot, like try to act cute or try something for the fans. I have tried and I have tried to learn, but I don’t think it’s my kind of thing. 

Q: Was acting a childhood dream or were you influenced into becoming an actor? Actors are supposed to be press-savvy, but how much of it is real? Maybe five years down the line, would you give up acting in the name of love?

HB: For the first question, I took up the dream of acting when I studied theater in my high school. That’s when I starting having the dream of an actor and that’s why I went on to study acting in university. For the second question, I’m not sure if I’m press-savvy, I hope I can be, and I guess I should learn that. For the third question, I guess that will happen some time in the future whether it’s far or short. It’s not to say because of the kind of relationships that I would be involved in but in terms of whether the audience would want to see me at that point in time, so it depends on probably the love of my fans. 

Q: Would you consider going into other fields like hosting, behind-the-scenes as a producer or director?

HB: No, not yet. Because my job at this point is an actor, so I need to receive direction of the film and for me to express my character in the best way the director wants it. At this point in time, I don’t think I’m experienced enough and I want to focus on my acting and learn from it. 

Q: If you are not an actor today, what do you think you would be?

HB: Before I took on the dream to be an actor, I really wanted to go to police academy, so I would probably be a policeman. 

Q: Not so long ago you just came out from the army, has it been difficult for you to come back to the entertainment scene? What challenges have you faced so far? 

HB: I didn’t really have much difficulty, but I’m very happy to be “free.” On a side note, when I have pictures taken now now, I receive comments that I look a little too fierce and my eyes are a little too serious. I hope with time I’ll get better.

An ardent fan popped the question to him “Will you marry me?” on the spot when DJ Ah Ken opened the floor to fans to ask questions. “It is our first time meeting, so I’m not so sure what to say to you now,” the actor was tactful in turning down it down, but she quickly responded with “I’ll be gentle”, which threw everyone into fits of laughter. It earned a thumb up from her idol though — nice effort to get your idol’s attention �de42

Special thanks to event organizer Faith&D Entertainment for inviting Soompi to the press conference.