2PM Releases Third Album Tracklist Ahead of Comeback

Are you ready for 2PM‘s comeback?

2PM has unveiled the tracklist for its upcoming third album titled “Grown.” The album consists of twelve songs and, notably, will have two title songs- “Ha. Ni. Bbun” and “Come back After Listening to This Song.”

The tracklist reveals that 2PM member Junho helped composed three of the twelve songs- third track “Back to the Starting Point,” “Go Back,” and “Love Song.Jun.K also helped composed “Game Over” and track number twelve, “Suddenly.” Taecyeon also did the rap making for a total of six of the album’s songs.

JYP Entertainment stated, “This full album contains both the manliness and musical maturity of the members headed by singer-songwriter Junho and Jun.K.”

2PM will be making their comeback in May.