Lee Seung Gi Affectionately Fixes Suzy’s Hair

On the April 29 broadcast of MBC’s “Good Day,” Lee Seung Gi was seen affectionately fixing the hair of his “Gu Family Book” costar, Suzy. As soon as the “cut” was heard, Lee Seung Gi corrected Suzy’s tangled hair, showing off a friendly and comfortable relationship with his fellow idol-actor. The camera also caught Suzy giving Lee Seung Gi a neck massage between cuts, making all those watching jealous. 

The atmosphere on the set of the popular drama continued to be friendly and warm with the lead actors’ positive attitudes and aegyo. After filming a scene in which he is hit by Yoo Yeon Suk’s knife, Lee Seung Gi playfully laughed off his pain. It was also reported earlier that Suzy kept a smile on her face between breaks despite filming four hours in the rain.

“Gu Family Book” is currently airing Monday and Tuesdays on MBC.