Park Bom Reveals Photos with Seungri and Sandara During Trainee Years

Looks like Park Bom is having some fun!

On April 28, she simultaneously posted on her Instagram and Twitter and wrote in English, “Oh my god…I just found this picture with Victory.. Lookin so young. oneofmyOld memory.” She continues in Korean, “My computer’s broken so I had it fixed and found a daebak photo!!! I was a trainee and Seungri didn’t debut yet. kekeke It was at a music video filming site keke. Oh my god. keke It’s fascinating. We’re both so young and fresh here. keke.”

Big Bang’s G-Dragon saw the photo and commented, “Wow daebak. Nuna looks young too, huh? Sandara also left a comment. “Wow, so cute. Just like a little baby.”

Park Bom responded to Sandara’s comment with “It’s fascinating. I have a photo of the two of us as well. Daebak fascinating.”

Later on the same day, Park Bom posted an old photo with Sandara on Twitter. “kekekeke Everyone~~~ Park Sisters!!! When we were young kekeke. When I didn’t  kekeke. Daebak T_T T_T Think of this as round one. keke”

Social media lover Sandara quickly responded, “Gah! Even… B & S…yg girls….. cringe cringe kekekekekeke.

Park Bom laughed, “Kekekekeke. Funny. I have many more kekeke. Look forward to round two kekekeke.”