[SNS PIC] 15&’s Park Ji Min Wonders If She is Wearing Pants

Goodness, these photos are hilarious!

Park Ji Min, member of 15& and “K-Pop Star” season one winner uploaded a comical photo of herself on Twitter that showcases her humor and creativity. At first glance, viewers may wonder what exactly Park Ji Min is wearing, as her entire body is covered by one piece of patterned fabric. Only after we read her caption, “I definitely bought pants…” do we understand that Park Ji Min has pulled her new pants all the way up to her neck, making it appear like a huge body suit. Really, how large were those pants?

In the second photo uploaded by fellow 15& member Baek Ye Rin, Park Ji Min lets it all go, not caring about her image as she poses like flying squirrel about to take off. Baek Ye Rin left the message along with the photo, asking, “What is the limit to a child like you? I am really curious.” It seems in both photos, Park Ji Min is copying fashion model poses in exaggeration.

Netizens who saw these photos commented, “Is Park Ji Min 4D?” “These photos are really bizarre,” and “Please don’t erase these photos, Park Ji Min. I want to see them when I am sad.”