New Game Featuring “Running Man’s” Lee Kwang Soo Is Becoming Popular

Lee Kwang Soo, who is an actor and a popular member of SBS’s variety show “Running Man,” is now also a new character for the Kakao game “Bow for Kakao.”

This game character is based on Lee Kwang Soo’s “Boss” and “Giraffe” characters created in “Running Man.” In the game, Lee Kwang Soo rides a “giraffe horse” and fights using a bow and arrow. There are also special items available, including accessories for the giraffe, armor, and shoes.

The players are also able to hear comments in Lee Kwang Soo’s actual voice, as he participated in the sound recording.

“Bow for Kakao” topped the app store chart within the first day of its release, and achieved first place in the Google Play Store within the first two weeks.