Seo In Young Releases MV Teaser for “Let’s Break Up”

Seo In Young, who recently announced her comeback, has just released the music video teaser for “Let’s Break Up.” She hinted at an image change yesterday and today the music video teaser reveals that Seo In Young will be making a comeback with a sad ballad song that showcases her powerful vocals. The singer is dressed in a long, ivory peach dress that makes her black, wavy hair stand out. She walks sadly through a forest, which, according to reports, is being called a “healing forest” among the producers of the music video.

Representatives from Seo In Young’s agency stated, “This teaser, which lets you focus on the music without any distractions, hints at Seo In Young’s new musical direction. You will be able to see her new charms in the teaser.”

Seo In Young will release her full mini-album May 15.