Juniel Picks Her Celebrity Ideal Type

Juniel, who recently released her third mini album, “Fall in L,” sat down for an interview with the media outlet Sports Seoul and revealed that she has never been asked out by a male celebrity. She explained it might be due to the fact that she doesn’t have a cellphone. 

Juniel said, “I don’t have a cellphone. I handed it to my agency before debut. I still don’t have one. I did it because I want to focus on making good music and singing.

Songstress Juniel currently has more than ten songs registered with the Korea Music Copyright Association. When asked if she has earned a lot of royalty from her songs, Juniel answered, “Not a lot but enough for an allowance. I am saving the money for the future.”

In the past, Juniel has already revealed that her ideal type is someone with a good voice. When prodded by the Sports Seoul reporter to pick one among celebrities, Juniel chose actor Lee Seon Kyun from “Coffee Prince,” “Pasta,” and “Golden Time.”

In another interview with Star Today, Juniel added actor Song Joong Ki to her list of ideal types, revealing that she thought of him when recording “Pretty Boy.” She elaborated, “Both Song Joong Ki and Lee Seon Kyun have good voices and full lips.

You can listen to the title track, “Pretty Boy,” off the new album here.