YG Releases Mysterious Teaser Photo for Next Project

Something is coming up for YG Entertainment and the agency announced the date with a mysterious image on its official website. 

On May 6 the agency uploaded an image on its website that had the words “Who’s Next?” and the date of May 28. Also on the image were the names of some YG artists such as PSY, Gummy, Epik High, and members from Big Bang and 2NE1

Looks like YG has chosen their next artist to promote after PSY’s “Gentleman.” 

Big Bang and 2NE1 have been busy with their world tours and are due for a comeback. It has also been reported that 2NE1 has just wrapped up album preparations. However, rumors about solo activities from the Big Bang members have also been going on. Then there is the girl group YG was supposed to debut earlier. 

A representative of YG Entertainment said, “The YG artists have been preparing for a new album for some time and will start their promotions on May 28. It is expected that we will release teasers little by little before the date.” 

Place your bets! Who do you think it will be? 2NE1 or maybe just CL? G-Dragon? Taeyang? Kang Seung Yoon? Perhaps Epik High? Or maybe the new girl group will finally make their debut! Tell us your guess in the comment box below and follow Soompi for more updates on this exciting announcement!