Running Wasn’t Easy for “Glamorous” Hyosung

It’s a problem that many big-chested girls will understand- running is not easy. 

The members of Secret were guests on the KBS’ “Hello” for the May 6 episode. “Hello” is a talk show in which regular South Korean people come on to talk about their problems.

On this week’s episode, a mother revealed that her daughter acted and dressed like a male. She said, “My daughter cut her hair short like a male and wraps her chest up with bandages.” 

Secret member Hyosung, who has drawn much attention throughout the years because of her glamorous body, confessed that she had a similar experience as the mother’s daughter. She said, “When I was in school, I hugged my chest while running because I could feel the boys looking.”

Secret is currently busy promoting their adorable new single, “Yoohoo.”