Netizens Dig Up Past Photos of f(x)’s Sulli With Few SM Entertainment Guys

Looks like a netizen had some time on his hands or missed seeing f(x)‘s Sulli in the news.

Recently, an online community bulletin posted several photos of young Sulli and it’s attracting much public attention.

Lee Soo Man, the founding chairman of SM Entertainment, is behind Sulli giving off a fatherly vibe. The two people beside him are Kangta and DBSK’s Yunho. As the watermark states, the set of photos is from SM Entertainment’s 10th anniversary party.

SM Entertainment was founded in 1995 (on Valentine’s Day) so the photos would be in 2005. Sulli would be 11 years old.

Previously, Sulli’s younger photos with actor Yoo Seung Ho made a lot of netizens smile because of their adorable innocence.