Will Smith and Son Jaden Meet Up with YG Family

YG Entertainment uploaded a picture on its official blog on May 7 which shows Will Smith and son Jaden posing for the camera surrounded by members of the YG Family: G-Dragon, Taeyang, CL, T.O.P, Teddy, and Yang Hyun Suk. It is reported that Will Smith expressed a desire to visit YG first and during the visit, Will and Jaden Smith, both who have a lot of interest in music, enjoyed their time and felt close to the YG family despite it only being the first meeting. Also, they exchanged numbers, promising to work together in the future. Afterwards Yang Hyun Suk treated the Hollywood stars and their 17-member staff to the representative Korean dishes, bibimbap and bulgogi, at the YG cafeteria.

Yang Hyun Suk stated, “The YG Family and I were fans of Will Smith so it was surprising he first expressed that he wanted to meet us, leading to an exciting meeting. He was very polite and it was a chance to get a better impression of Will Smith and Jaden.”

Wow, hope we can see a collaboration between the Smith and YG Family in the future!