Lee Seung Gi Put His Hand Where On Suzy?

On the May 6 episode of MBC’s “Gu Family Book,” Lee Seung Gi and Suzy found themselves in a very awkward situation. Choi Kang Chi (played by Lee Seung Gi) and Dam Yeo Wool (played by Suzy) are hiding behind a secret door that contains chests full of silver that can save the country of Joseon from Japanese invasion. They were trying to remove it secretly before the villain of the story, Jo Gwan Woong, can gets his hands on it. Unfortunately while trying to move, Yeo Wool trips but Kang Chi quickly catches her. In his hurry, Kang Chi’s hand end up on Yeo Wool’s chest. What makes this situation more awkward is the fact that Kang Chi thinks Yeo Wool is a boy. Fans have been wondering how and when Kang Chi would find out about Yeo Wool’s real identity but they weren’t expecting such a hilarious situation. 

You can click on the little blue arrow on the top right of the screencaps below to watch a brief clip of that scene.

Episode 9 of “Gu Family Book” placed first on the Monday-Tuesday drama line-up, recording 15.4% ratings, a drop of 0.9% from the previous episode of 16.3%.