Is Song Seung Hun Angry at Shin Se Kyung?

On May 7, actress Shin Se Kyung uploaded a photo on her Twitter along with the short message, “Ta da.”

In the picture are Shin Se Kyung, Song Seung Hun and an unknown woman at the set of MBC’s drama “When a Man Loves.” Shin Se Kyung looks gorgeous in a white blouse as she has her arm around the woman. What caught the fans’ attention the most however was Song Seung Hun, who is standing behind the two women. He has his fist raised up in the air and has a comical expression on his face.

Fans that saw this photo commented, “Song Seung Hun looks cute,” “What a realistic facial expression,” “Song Seung Hun and Shin Se Kyung must be really good friends,” “They must have a lot of fun at the set.”