Stills of Song Seung Hun Looking Awesome in Kumdo Armor!

Stills of Song Seung Hun were revealed showing him in full Kumdo attire! (Kumdo is a Korean martial art similar to Japanese Kendo. Kumdo literally translates into “The way of the sword.”) The stills were released by the production team of MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “When a Man Loves.”

The image shows the sworn brothers, Han Tae Sang (Portrayed by Song Seung Hun) and Lee Chang Hee. The two are about to duel each other.

“When a Man Loves” is a love story involving the Korean mafia. Song Seung Hun plays the character “Han Tae Sang.” Han Tae Sang is an organized crime member in a Korean mafia who was betrayed by his own boss. Afterwards, he took out the boss and made his financial company successful. The drama began airing on April 3, 2013.