Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo Reveals His Father Recently Collapsed Due to Poor Health

Lee Minwoo opens up about his father’s health.

On May 8, MBC’s variety talk program “Radio Star” aired an episode with all the Shinhwa members. There was a corner where the members picked a song and explain its significance.

Shin Hyesung chose Insooni‘s “Father” and explained, “Not too long ago, Minwoo’s dad collapsed because he got ill. I was really surprised because that was shocking. [If I’m like this], I wonder how big the shock was [for Minwoo]. It really made me think a lot.”

“I always had the feeling that my father would never get sick,” Lee Minwoo explained. “If I wasn’t at home at the time, I probably wouldn’t be able to meet him again. Even if I was an hour late, the situation would have been bad.”

Shin Hyesung reveals Lee Minwoo’s professionalism. “It’s understandable if he wants to postpone for a bit because it’s mentally hard. However, he doesn’t show a bit of his hardship and is working really hard on the album. I’m proud and am thankful.”