JYJ’s Junsu Sings “Stupid Heart” for “Mandate of Heaven” OST

Viewers were surprised yesterday, May 8, to hear the voice of JYJ‘s Junsu suddenly appear during the broadcast of Song Ji Hyo and Lee Dong Wook’s drama,  “Mandate of Heaven.” C-JeS Entertainment has confirmed that Junsu sang the song “Stupid Heart” for the “Mandate of Heaven” soundtrack.

C-JeS Entertainment revealed, “We planned to originally release the song on May 15 at noon on online music sites. It would have rode the television waves that night on the episode seven broadcast but as the love line between Won (Lee Dong Wook) and Da In (Song Ji Hyo) started to form, the song was used earlier than planned.”

A representative from the drama stated, “As a skilled vocalist, Kim Junsu was able to express the ardent love story with overflowing emotion. Thanks to Kim Junsu’s song, I think the viewers will shed tears while focused on the story and help the uptrend of the drama. Because ‘Mandate of Heaven’ placed first in ratings on the day the song was revealed, we have a lot of expectations.”

Junsu commented, “I am enjoying watching ‘Mandate of Heaven.’ I hope the ardent emotions of the leads will be delivered to the viewers. I tried to deliver the sad and earnest lyrics truthfully through my voice.”

“Stupid Heart” will be available May 15 on online music sites.