Secret Members Talk About Their First Love

On the May 8 broadcast of Super Junior‘s Shindong‘s radio show, “Shimshimtapa,” the four members of Secret talked about their first love experiences. 

Hyosung said, “When I broke up with my first love, whom I started dating when I was 2o years old, it was the first time I felt heartache.” She continued, ‘I cried and didn’t eat for three days.”

Regarding first love, Hyosung gave her opinion that one only knows it is first love after it ends. She added, “It both hurts and feels good.”

Fellow member Ji Eun revealed she experienced love for the first time in her first year of high school. She confessed, “He was the boyfriend of a close unni (older female friend or sister to another female).”  

Other fellow member Jung Hana (previously known as Zinger) revealed that her first love is currently the boyfriend of her friend. Sunhwa also confessed that her first love was a “bad boy” who lied frequently and had a lot of girlfriends. 

In related news, Secret’s Ji Eun and Hyosung were the special MCs this week for Mnet’s “M!Countdown.