Shinhwa Talks About Tony Ahn + Hyeri’s Relationship and Shin Hye Sung’s Dating Style

If you have not been living under a rock and follow Korean entertainment news you should know that Tony Ahn (from the legendary K-Pop group H.O.T) and Girl’s Day Hyeri are dating. On May 9, Shinhwa appeared on MBC’s “Radio Star.” The show commemorated the 15th anniversary of Shinhwa’s debut.

On this day, the MCs of “Radio Star” brought up Tony Ahn and Girl’s Day who have a 16 year age gap between them. Jun Jin said, “They have a serious relationship that is as serious as their age gap.”

Then Shinhwa changed the subject. Kim Dong Wan stated, “I offered to setup Shin Hye Sung on a blind date and he keeps saying that he is fine.” Shin Hye Sung stated, “You don’t know my style?”

Then, Andy stated, “[Shin Hye Sung] enjoys comfortable meetings. He does not like blind dates. He likes it when there is a girl, after someone tells him that it will just be two guys together.” Jun Jin added, “Shin Hye Sung gets excited when that happens and starts showing his talents.”