Sohee Denies being Niel’s “S” Idol and Andy Apologizes

We recently reported that Shinhwa‘s Andy revealed that Niel of Teen Top was asked out by a girl group idol with the initial “S” from JYP Entertainment. Netizens immediately laid out three possibilities for who could be “S”: Suzy, Sohee, or Sunmi. Out of the three possibilities, Sohee has flatly denied being “S” through her personal Twitter account today, May 9. 

A follower asked Sohee on Twitter, “Are you ‘S’? Sohee replied, “No, I am not.” In response, the follower joked, “Oh-ho, that was [a] firm [response]. I thought it was an a autumn squash.” The Korean word for “firm”- dan ho ha da– sounds similar to the word for “autumn squash”- dan ho bak. Sohee lightheartedly responded, “Autumn squash? Haha!” 

In related news, Andy has apologized for causing this controversy on his official homepage. He wrote, “I sincerely apologize for causing many people trouble. I will engaged in broadcast with more prudence from now on. I am sorry.”