Park Hyun Bin Gifted Girls’ Generation Beef Because of Yuri?

Trot singer Park Hyun Bin revealed that he sent beef to Girls’ Generation’s dorm in the past.

He participated in the recent filming of KBS’s talk program “Generation Sympathy Saturday” where he said, “I filmed a television program with Girls’ Generation when they were rookies. At the time, I heard Yuri say that she wanted to eat beef.”

Regarding the reason why he gifted Girls’ Generation with beef, Park Hyun Bin explained, “I sent it out of a senior’s heart. However, I won’t be able to send it now even if I was asked because people might think of me weird.”

To this, Girl’s Day Minah asked, “We [Girl’s Day] went on a singing program where we won a fishing equipment set. We gave it to Park Hyun Bin because we couldn’t use it, but he never gave us anything.”

This episode will air on May 11 at 9:05am (KST).