[Updated] “A” Drops Sexual Assault Charge Against Park Shi Hoo; Park Shi Hoo Also Drops Charges

The Seoul Western District Police Department has announced on May 10 (KST) that “A” has dropped the rape charge against Park Shi Hoo. She officially dropped the charges against Park Shi Hoo and “K” on May 9. The Seoul police department and public prosecution office will not pursue the case, with the charges being dropped by the alleged victim. This ends the sexual assault case against Park Shi Hoo.

Park Shi Hoo’s troubles started on February 18 when “A” claimed that Park Shi Hoo sexually assaulted her after a night of drinking on February 14. Park Shi Hoo admitted to having sexual relations with “A” but denied the charge of rape. It is yet unclear why “A” dropped the charges. 


It has also been revealed that Park Shi Hoo also dropped his charges against “A” on May 9, the same day she dropped the sexual assault charge against him. It was first announced in March that Park Shi Hoo had countersued “A”, her friend “B,” and his former agency’s CEO for false charges and slander. While he has dropped the charges against “A”, Park Shi Hoo has yet to drop the case against “B” and his former agency’s CEO. 

Assistant public prosecutor general Yoon Ong Gul stated in a press conference on May 10 that he does not know why both sides decided to drop the charges. He added, “It was known that “A” wanted to pursue punishment for Park Shi Hoo right until she submitted the “canceling charges” paper. There is no way to confirm what conversation went on between the parties at the very end.”