Jung Suk Won Surprises Baek Ji Young with a Proposal

Actor Jung Suk Won and singer Baek Ji Young, who are set to marry in June, showed off their love to the public. On May 11 during Baek Ji Young’s concert in the city of Jeonju, Jung Suk Won paid a surprise visit to his fiancé. 

According to Jung Suk Won’s agency, the actor started preparing for this event a week before and took off time from his movie filming schedule to surprise Baek Ji Young. He prepared a video message for the singer which was shown during the concert. He later came up on stage to give her flowers and pop the question. Baek Ji Young tearfully and joyfully answered, “Of course!” After, the audience chanted, “Kiss. Kiss!” to which the couple obliged happily and boldly. Fans took photos and uploaded the moment online.

Proposing after already deciding to marry may seem strange to some readers but in South Korea, this happens often with many brides-to-be expecting an “official” proposal event from their fiances after they already decided to marry.

Jung Suk Won and Baek Ji Young will marry on June 2.