Teen Top’s Ricky Would Like To Go to School If He Had a Break

Idol group Teen Top, who just held their first solo concert, “2013 Teen Top No.1 Asia Tour,” in Seoul on May 12 discussed what they would like to do if they were given a break after the concert tour.

C.A.P showed his affection for sports saying, “I want to learn sports. I want to play sports and do other cultural activities.”

Niel responded, “I like to travel so I want to travel to another country this time.” Chunji added, “I like to travel too so I want to go to another country and experience the different culture.”

L.Joe and Changjo said that they would like to work on music if they were given a break after the tour. L.Joe said, “I want to earnestly focus on composing music. I won’t be coming out of my room for a while.” Changjo stated, “I want to work on music with my friend and also produce a dance video.

Lastly, Ricky stated a small but heartfelt wish, saying, “Since I am still a student, I want to go to school. I want to spend time with a lot of friends at school.”

After the Seoul leg of their tour, Teen Top will be performing in Japan- May 18 in Kobe and May 21-22 in Tokyo.