Mnet Unveils Junjin and Andy Teaser Photos and Album Jacket BTS Video

After the release of Shinhwa‘s “This Lovemusic video teaser, Mnet announced that it will be hosting a special “Shinhwa Page” on its site and release teaser photos and videos consecutively until May 16, the day of Shinhwa’s “The Classic” album release.

Today, on May 13, Mnet has unveiled teaser photos of Shinhwa members Junjin and Andy. The photos show the different charms of Shinhwa, with Junjin styled in the grunge look and Andy looking neat and dandy in his photo.

Mnet also released a behind the scenes video of the “The Classic” album jacket photo shoot. You can hear famous photographer Joh Sun Hee discussing the concept with the Shinhwa members, wanting the album jacket to have a movie concept.