“Shark” Releases Second Trailer Featuring Son Ye Jin

KBS has released the second trailer for its upcoming drama “Shark,” and if the first trailer focused mainly on Kim Nam Gil, the second trailer prominently features female lead Son Ye Jin.

In sharp contrast to Kim Nam Gil’s dark-colored trailer, in the second trailer Son Ye Jin is dressed in white and walks on clear water. Viewers are shown scenes of her character’s childhood love, which starts off happy but quickly turns tragic. Juxtaposed against these scenes, Son Ye Jin’s smiling face turns sad as she drops her wedding veil and falls to her knees. 

In the trailer, viewers can first hear Kim Nam Gil ask, “What will you do if I disappear?” Son Ye Jin answers, “I will find you.” Kim Nam Gil continues, “How will you be able to find me?” and Son Ye Jin responds, “I will look for you until I die. I won’t be able to die before I find you.”

Watch the beautiful trailer for yourself.