Suzy Beats Kim Tae Hee as the “Most Beloved Student”

In honor of Teachers’ Day in South Korea, which is on May 15, the internet lecture group Seven Edu took a survey that asked, “Which female star do you think received the most love from teachers?” The survey ran from May 2 to May 13, with 425 people participating. 

Suzy of miss A ranked first with 190 votes (45%). Actress Kim Tae Hee placed second with 160 votes (38%). Interestingly, Suzy and Kim Tae Hee are also competition on Monday and Tuesdays as their respective dramas, “Gu Family Book” and “Jang Ok Jung” are airing at the same time on different channels.

Seven Edu’s CEO, Cha Gil Young stated, “Suzy is receiving a lot of support from males fans after becoming the “nation’s first love” through her appearance in the movie ‘Introduction to Architecture’. She has also signed advertisement contracts with 22 companies between February and May, becoming the ‘100 Million (won) girl.’ This kind of popular image seems to have had a large influence on the ranking.”