[Breaking] Seo Taiji Announces Second Marriage With Actress 16 Years Younger

Seo Taiji will get married! It will be sixteen years since his first marriage.

On May 15, he made an announcement through his official homepage that he’ll be tying the knot with actress Lee Eun Sung.

Seo Taiji shook up the entertainment industry back in early 2011 when it was leaked that he and actress Lee Ji Ah were married in the past. Affectionately called “President of Culture,” Seo Taiji is well beloved by the public so it was hard that he could have been married for so long without anyone’s knowledge. They were divorced in  2006 and Lee Ji Ah sued him for alimony in 2011 when the media picked up on their past.

The two first crossed paths back in 2008 through Seo Taiji’s music video filming for “Bermuda [Triangle],” one of the tracks from his 8th album. They kept in touch afterwards and started officially seeing each other in 2009. They’ve been dating for three years and decided it was time to get married.