“Radio Star” MCs Tease: “Jun.K Is Better off in YG”

While appearing on “Radio Star,” 2PM‘s Jun.K praised YG Entertainment, which caused the MCs to playfully tease him about his “dark desires.”

On May 14, “Radio Star” aired a special 2PM comeback episode with the entire group appearing as guests where they shared various stories and discussions.

During the episode, the MCs asked Jun.K, “YG lets G-Dragon to make his own written and composed songs be the title track but why haven’t your songs been chosen as the title track?” For 2PM’s third album, “Grown,” Jun.K’s self-composed songs have been included by they are not the title track.

Then Junho said, “In YG, the company supports their artists songs a lot” and Jun.K added, “In YG, CEO Yang doesn’t write songs but for us, Park Jin Young hyung writes songs so it’s a bit hard [for my songs to be the title track].”

The MCs didn’t miss this opportunity to tease, “Then for Jun.K, YG’s system would be better, right?” This made Jun.K flustered and the other members couldn’t answer and just laughed.

On top of that, Kyuhyun added, “Jun.K calls Yang Hyun Suk, ‘CEO Yang,’ so I guess that means you want to have him as your CEO later on,” which made everyone explode with laughter.