“Radio Star” MCs Tease 2PM Members that They Are Now Inferior to Suzy

2PM‘s value within JYP Entertainment and the industry was compared to miss A’s Suzy on her worth.

On the recent episode of MBC’s “Radio Star,” which was aired on May 14, the members of 2PM appeared as special guests to promote their new album.

During this episode, the MCs teased 2PM mercilessly. Even before introducing the group members, the MCs stated honestly, “We want female guests instead.”

The MCs continued jokingly, “In the past, at one point, 2PM used to be the pride and joy of JYP. However, 2PM is below Suzy now. Suzy’s status is superior to 2PM in JYP. In fact, the agency should be renamed SJ.”

Meanwhile, 2PM recently made its comeback with new album titled “Grown.”